Please excuse the lack of browsability while the site is being re-built. I will try to update this page manually while I re-code everything. Not only do I need to re-install the forum, but I need to re-upload every single deck (with the exception of a few that were made by other deckmakers).

January 30, 2017

I (Cami) have decided to move all the activities and services to Dreamwidth. This is mainly due to sheer laziness on my part. Character TCGs seem to do well on Dreamwidth so I figured that it couldn't hurt. Plus, this means that the only backend things that I need to worry about is memberlist management. Admittedly, I could copy what I do on Spotlight (with the exception of member panels) but that could take awhile even if I do just export the table structures.

To-Do List:
  1. Rebuild member, card, and graphic databases.
  2. Re-upload existing decks. Re-make decks that were added on previous domain that are no longer on hard drive.
  3. Re-code randomizers [shop, games, etc.] to work with Dreamwidth. (Include image codes and card log.)
  4. Create new heart pixel or merge existing pixels so that there's just one that all members should use?
  5. Make new site theme or stick with current Akabane Karma theme (currently offline due to reasons)?